Civil Engineering















Concept Planning

Red Swing will create colored plans for your site and project to give you a good idea as to what it may look like when it is finished. We will take your exact plans and put color into them for clarity as well as connection.

Stormwater Management

Red Swing Group offers complete stormwater management services to contain and convey site stormwater runoff in accordance with local and state regulations. Low Impact design concepts are utilized to minimize the size of site stormwater facilities in an effort to provide the reviewing bodies the Best Management Practices they desire, as well as reducing site construction costs for the owner.

Affiliate Services

Red Swing is poised to meet the needs of clients who require services such as surveying and environmental site assessments. Since its inception, Red Swing has developed long-standing strong partner relationships with specialty firms that provide such services in an economical, efficient, and high-quality approach.

Red Swing also has developed strong relationships with firms specializing in structural analysis, MEP, and HVAC through the region. Depending on the scope, project type, timeline, and budget, Red Swing is poised help guide individuals to find the right support team. Our team’s experience across the spectrum of development in Pittsburgh for the past 25 years can help the developer find the right partners, price point, quality and timeline to suit their design needs.